Indoor Cycling

Life Cycle's vision is to take indoor cycling to the next level, and ryding with a purpose. After two decades of stationary cycling, it's time to get “unstationary” with RealRyder® Indoor Cycling. Finally you can train in a way that’s both functional and fun, while working your entire body as a cohesive unit on an indoor bike. This the way your bodies are designed to move… and ryde!

The RealRyder® indoor cycle turns, tilts and leans as you ryde, providing the fluid sensation of an outdoor road bike. As you move through an expanded range of dynamic , functional movement, you get a more comprehensive, functional body workout—with special emphasis on activating essential core muscles. 

Spark change in your body to lose those last few pounds and gain your competitive edge to achieve an athletic goal with a joint- friendly workout that delivers results quickly and efficiently. 

Propel your body to the next level with RealRyder® Indoor Cycling Class at LifeCycle;

  • Increase endurance and stamina with a cardio workout that’s fun
  • Activate core muscles the entire time you ryde
  • Build upper and lower body strength
  • Burn 20% more calories per hour compared to traditional stationary bikes
  • Improve speed and power with a variety of dynamic, functional movements

What Are Classes Like?

Fusion Cycle/Yoga - 30 minute Freestyle Ryde + 45 min Yoga to wind you up and relax you way down! – Meet with Brent and Golnar on Monday nights at 6:30 pm and Aimee and Golnar on Friday’s at 10:30 am.

Road Ryde – Join our “Drill Instructor” Maria for an all-out, no frills ryde; this former USA Cycling coach doesn’t need a microphone or screen to hold your attention! This class focuses on the fundamentals of road riding and is great riders of all levels who want to learn proper technique.

Real Ryde - Ride with us as we traverse different routes all over the world! From the mountain to the desert to the sea, these classes use our big screen and fun, energetic music. This class is great for all fitness levels and focuses on developing and maintaining good form.

Freestyle Ryde – Turn, climb and run along to upbeat music and awesome routes on our big screen. These non-technical rydes are a great way to see what RealRyder bikes can really do!

Who Teaches Class?

Founder/Instructor: Golnar Sharafsaleh has over 11 years of experience in the fitness industry and holds several national certifications. Her passion for indoor cycling started over 10 years ago. After dealing with several medical issues and undergoing numerous surgeries over the years, she has always used indoor cycling to recover and rebuild her strength. Her passion is to train and work with cancer survivors. She believes that the impossible is always possible and sometimes you just need to borrow a little strength from those around you. Her vision for LIfeCycle is to build a community where everyone feels empowered and can find a purpose in the moment. She believes if you can find purpose in every moment, you will eventually find the "why" in the fight to survive.

Instructor Maria Vlasak has taught indoor cycling for almost 20 years and managed a RealRyder studio for 5 of them. She is a three-time Team USA member and brought home a bronze medal from the ITU Duathlon World Championships. Closer to home, Maria was a Category 3 women’s road racer and won the Tour de Greenwich in 2005. She is also an above-average bowler, an excellent speller, and can recite all 50 states in alphabetical order. Maria teaches a true cycling class: no videos, no hand weights, no push-ups, no jumps. So, whether you’re an experienced bike racer or a new rider, if you want an intense, efficient, and safe workout, Maria’s class is for you.

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To ensure proper usage, please review these bike safety tips before you ryde.


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