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The new Life Cycle spinning studio in Stamford is unlike many others. Stocked exclusively with Real Ryder fitness bikes — yes, the ones that turn, tilt and lean like real road bikes — spinning fans can fully engage their core and balance here. Whether you are a novice or a pro, this total-body workout will provide you an authentic "burn and build" cycling experience.
Editor's Pick in Stamford Magazine 2015

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What Our Students Say

  • I have been practicing yoga for three years. I have been blessed to have many wonderful teachers during my practices and Aimee is definitely one of them. She teaches from the heart and wants to see you succeed. She gently gives me the push I sometimes need to realize that I CAN do it. Her classes are fun, challenging and warm (I have actually come to like the heat) oh and her assists are AWESOME! She is always connecting people together for some kind of community project, its great! She said something in class to us one day and it has stuck with me, whenever I am having a hard time with anything I remember it. "Our bodies are capable of 40% more than we actually think they are".

    Nikki Stamford, CT
  • I came to Yoga due to a knee injury and the inability to perform high impact exercise. Finding Life Cycle was a blessing, I've improved not just my body but my soul as well.

    Gabby Stamford, CT
  • As personal YOGA is to each individual, at Life Cycle Power Yoga we can feel an atmosphere of peace and unity, allowing to enjoy each practice in the company of great individuals. Yoga is a gift to ourselves and Tim and Aimee are a gift to Yoga.

    Claudio Stamford, CT
  • Being able to start out in a class that was small and allowed for individual attention was a real blessing for me. It made yoga more approachable, and it really became something I looked forward to.

    Aimee and Tim have built a wonderful community in a short period of time. The people are welcoming, the classes are physically and mentally challenging, and the messages are supportive and positive. When you try a difficult pose, you'll get a cheer regardless of whether you hold it or fall on your face.

    Mark Stamford, CT
  • I went to try just one class to support a friend. I ended up being pleasantly surprised as to how awesome Power Yoga is and immediately purchased a 10 pack. I left feeling empowered, vibrant, and ready to take on the day. I'm so happy I went to just try it out and cant wait for more.

    Maureen Stamford, CT
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