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Come on in and meet our team at Life Cycle, we are excited to meet you and your goals!

Indoor Cycling

Founder/Instructor: Golnar Sharafsaleh has over 11 years of experience in the fitness industry and holds several national certifications. Her passion for indoor cycling started over 10 years ago. After dealing with several medical issues and undergoing numerous surgeries over the years, she has always used indoor cycling to recover and rebuild her strength. Her passion is to train and work with cancer survivors. She believes that the impossible is always possible and sometimes you just need to borrow a little strength from those around you. Her vision for LIfeCycle is to build a community where everyone feels empowered and can find a purpose in the moment. She believes if you can find purpose in every moment, you will eventually find the "why" in the fight to survive.

Instructor Maria Vlasak has taught indoor cycling for almost 20 years and managed a RealRyder studio for 5 of them. She is a three-time Team USA member and brought home a bronze medal from the ITU Duathlon World Championships. Closer to home, Maria was a Category 3 women’s road racer and won the Tour de Greenwich in 2005. She is also an above-average bowler, an excellent speller, and can recite all 50 states in alphabetical order. Maria teaches a true cycling class: no videos, no hand weights, no push-ups, no jumps. So, whether you’re an experienced bike racer or a new rider, if you want an intense, efficient, and safe workout, Maria’s class is for you.

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Director of Public Relations: Millie doesn't have much experience in cycling or any other real human sport; however, she gives amazing kisses and is a big part of LifeCycle Family. She specializes in chasing sticks, long distance running and digging holes in the backyard. You might not see Millie at the studio, however you will catch her at all of our outdoor cancer survivorship events.

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