Frequently Asked Questions

It's my first ryde! What should I know?
Yay! Get excited. Please come at least 15 minutes before your ryde so we can introduce you to the bike and instructor. You’ll need proper shoes (either spin shoes or sneakers) and water.
What even is a “Real Ryder” bike, and how is it different from other stationary bikes?
Real Ryder bikes imitate a real outdoor riding experience! With the ability to “turn” left and right, you use your entire body to lean, balance, and stabilize the bike beneath you. Not only is this a better full body workout, it’s a much more natural movement on your joints and muscles. This is a workout that other stationary bikes simply can’t offer you. Still have questions? Come check out the bikes for yourself!
What is the cancellation policy?
In order to keep things fair and maximize the fitness experience for everyone, we must adhere to a strict cancellation policy. Any cancellation that is less than 12 hours from the scheduled class time (including no-shows) is considered a late cancel. You will be a subject to a $27 cancellation fee if the cancelled class was "comped," or free. If the cancelled class was booked with a valid class credit from your package, you will forfeit that credit; you will not incur a monetary fee.
What if I am late to class?
We understand that life happens, but out of respect for all class participants and to ensure that everyone has an enjoyable un-interrupted experience we “close” class 5 minutes after start.
Do you allow children to wait for me in the studio?
We do not allow children to wait for you while you spin. We'd love to see a picture or a funny video of them, though!
Do I need special shoes to ryde?
While you can absolutely sport sneakers, we highly recommend spin shoes. They provide for a safer ryde. All our bikes can accommodate SPD clips, and a few are prepped for Delta.
What is the studio etiquette?
We want to make sure Life Cycle is an enjoyable experience for all, so we do ask you to follow a few guidelines: no phones or side-chatter during class, clean up after yourself, and, most importantly, have a great time!
What if I'm late for class?
We will not allow anyone in the spin studio once class has begun. We understand things happen to make you late, but in order to keep our intense workouts safe, we cannot accept latecomers.
Where should I park?
There are a few options! There is street parking on Bedford, a large parking lot behind our building, and a garage beyond that. Parking meter rates are enforced Monday – Saturday, 8am – 7pm. One more reason to get up and get that early workout in! Download the Parkmobile app now for quick and easy meter payments.
I see you have TRX... what's that about?
TRX (Total body Resistance eXercise) is a specialty class we offer that utilizes a suspension training strap. It hangs from the ceiling and uses your body weight for every move. Ask about it the next time you’re in the studio and we’ll show it off! Or better yet, come to a class to get a real feel for it!
Do you have showers?
Well, we're working on that. Construction is underway! We will let you know when they are up and running.
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