Founder/Instructor: Golnar Sharafsaleh has over 7 years of experience in the fitness industry and holds several national certifications. Her passion for indoor cycling started over 10 years ago. After dealing with several medical issues and undergoing numerous surgeries over the years, she has always used indoor cycling to recover and rebuild her strength. Her passion is to train and work with cancer survivors. She believes that the impossible is always possible and sometimes you just need to borrow a little strength from those around you. Her vision for LIfeCycle is to build a community where everyone feels empowered and can find a purpose in the moment. She believes if you can find purpose in every moment, you will eventually find the "why" in the fight to survive.

Golnar instructs the following:
  • TRX - Upper Body
  • Shoulders, back, biceps, triceps - it’s all covered in this class! Using the TRX straps, you’ll push, pull, and hang your way to a toned upper body. Supplement your Life Cycle Signature classes with this training for a full-body pay-off. All levels are welcome to enjoy the flex.

  • TRX - Full Body

  • Cycle
  • Hop on one of our state of the art RealRyder bikes and get lost in the work. Hills, turns, sprints, bursts… who knows where you’ll go on your ryde! All levels are welcome to enjoy the journey.

  • Core + TRX
  • Whether your goals are to shape up your six-pack, turn sharper in a RealRyde, or simply improve your posture, you have to start with the middle! In this core-focused class, we will get that heart rate up and those abs shaking with the help of your body weight and the TRX system. All levels are welcome to enjoy the burn.

  • Cycle + TRX
  • It’s a Life Cycle mash up! Thirty minutes on the bike, 30 minutes of strength training. It’s the perfect combination of cardio and functional training. Get ready to crank it into high gear! All levels are welcome to enjoy the challenge.

  • Hartbeeps
  • Hartbeeps

  • TRX - Lower Body
  • Get ready to get low! This booty-burning, leg-leaning class will challenge you from the waist down using the TRX system and your own body weight. Want to be able to attack that hill in your next Life Cycle Signature class? Or maybe you just want to stretch your legs from sitting at a desk all day? Whatever it is, this class will kick it into gear. All levels are welcome to enjoy the butt-kicking.

  • Harmony Yoga