Charlotte studied Interdisciplinary Yoga and Pranassage at the Nosara Yoga Institute Costa Rica where she got her 300hr certification. As a Nosara Yoga Teacher, she is a yogi who is forever learning and applying the knowledge to her daily life and to her yoga teaching. She stands in what she knows and offers that to others, not as the final authority or Truth, but as the experience. She asks her students to experiment with her teachings; connecting breath with movement, using assists, and fun techniques combined with meditation to enhance relaxation and overall results which she finds to tap into the multidimensional self and awareness of consciousness. Charlotte has also been a licensed massage therapist since 2007, specializing in Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue, Aromatherapy, and Trigger point therapy. Her latest venture has been into the world of Mommy and Me Yoga where she gives new mommies a special opportunity to bond with their babies, while both helping the babies stretch and learn techniques to help stimulate their systems and helping mom tighten up and regain strength and muscle control post pregnancy. She is forever curious to know other perspectives, enjoys being the student of many different traditions or disciplines and is curious and fascinated with the cutting edge sciences from medicine to quantum physics, from neurobiology to psychoemotional psychology.

Charlotte is currently not instructing any classes.