Frequently Asked Questions

Do you sell Water?
We have bottled water for sale for $1 or faucet located in cycle studio.
Who can Ryde?
All ages welcome, but those under 18 must have written parental approval.
Can I share my Life Cycle Package?
Packages are for one individual only and cannot be split or shared
What do I need to know for my first class?
Please arrive 15 minutes early to meet your instructor and allow them to set you up on our unique bikes.
What is the cancellation policy?
Any cancellation that is less than 12 hour from scheduled class time is considered a late cancel. You will lose a class credit if you late cancel.
Can I bring a buddy?
Yes! In fact for every new person you introduce to Life Cycle, you will receive one free class! Spread the word and workout for free!!!
Do you have a phone/media device policy?
Yes! Phones and other media devices are not allowed on bikes or mats. We ask that you mute them and put them away.
What if I am late to class?
We understand that life happens, but out of respect for all class participants and to ensure that everyone has an enjoyable un-interrupted experience we “close” class 5 minutes after start.
Do I need special shoes to fit the bike?
No, any pair of sneakers will work just fine! All of our all bikes are equipped with clip in pedals as well, so if you choose to do that all you need is a pair of biking shoes with SPD cleats.
If I buy a pack of classes, can I use it for both yoga and cycling?
Absolutely. Cycling and yoga are a perfect complement for each other. Cycle one day, and stretch it out the next. Or if you’re up for it, cycle first and take a yoga class right after. We schedule lots of our classes to give you this option.
Do I need to pre-register for a class?
Drop-ins are always welcome, BUT, it does help us if you pre-register. It helps our teachers prepare the studio and lets us know to expect you. And of course, if a class does fill up, pre-registered students will be given priority.
Do you provide mats, blocks, and straps?
Yes we do. Just bring your “Be A YES!!!” attitude, and we’ve got everything you need.
Do you have parking?
Plenty, and its FREE!!! There is parking both in front and behind the building.
Do you have changing rooms?
Yes we have changing rooms and plenty of space to store your personal items.
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